functional medicine physician accepts bitcoin cryptocurrency payment

Telemedicine Physician Accepting Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Payments

Second Opinion Physician accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In doing so, our telehealth online practice has become an early adopter within the health care market.  In support of the trend towards digital currency financial transactions, we now offer medical consultations and lab tests online, payable with Bitcoin, Etherium, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple.

According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine "The overall vision for blockchain to disrupt healthcare in the future would be to solve many issues that plague the industry today to create a common database of health information that doctors and providers could access no matter what electronic medical system they used, higher security and privacy, less admin time for doctors so there’s more time to spend on patient care, and even better sharing of research results to facilitate new drug and treatment therapies for disease."

With our confidential encrypted email server, EMR hosting, HIPAA compliance and efficient digital oriented health care services, blockchain payment options are a natural approach to payment options available in our telemedicine medical practice. Our services include functional medicine consulting with a focus on managing mood and behavior disorders through nutritional supplementation. We also offer online lab testing directly to individuals seeking anonymity and privacy both medically and monetarily.

Blockchain is not just a financial transaction mechanism, it is a promising resource for giving patients control of their medical data for sharing and according to one MIT publication, "technologists and health-care professionals across the globe see blockchain technology as a way to streamline the sharing of medical records in a secure way, protect sensitive data from hackers, and give patients more control over their information."



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