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Treat Depression Naturally.

A Holistic Approach to Mental Health, Using Nutrient Therapy and the Walsh Protocol [...]

Methylated Folate for Depression – Not Necessarily

Understanding Folic Acid, Methylation, and Related Mood Disorder Symptoms: Insights from Dr. William Walsh. Contrary [...]

Epigenetics, Methylation Mental Health & Preconception Planning w/ Bill Walsh, PhD – Timestamped

Epigenetics, Methylation Mental Health & Preconception Planning w/ Bill Walsh, PhD Dr. Walsh discusses methylation [...]

Detoxify the Liver with Vitamin U and Cabbage Juice

Vitamin U from Cabbage Juice Lower homocysteine while reducing cardiovascular inflammation and increasing production of [...]

Concierge Telemedicine; Continued Support for Depression

Concierge Telemedicine with David Epstein, D.O. Epigenetics and Your Biochemisty: A New Way to Address [...]

Identify Hidden Glutamates in Your Diet to Improve Brain Function

As research into the complexities of the human brain continues, one finding stands clear: dietary [...]

NMDAR Hyperactivity: The Link to OCD and Promising Therapies

NMDA Glutamate Receptors & OCD: Insights and Potential Treatments The NMDA Receptor and Its Function [...]

SAH, Methylation, and Mood: A Functional Medicine Perspective

SAH, Methylation, and Mood: A Functional Medicine Perspective” Managing Elevated SAH: Effects and Interventions Mood [...]

Mitochondrial Function, Mitochondrial Disease, Treating Mitochondrial Disease

In this article, we will explore what mitochondria are, their role in cellular function, and [...]

Methylene Blue: A Promising Treatment for Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Methylene Blue: A Potential Treatment for Depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Other Neurological Disorders Methylene Blue [...]

Ferritin Testing: Iron Toxicity and its Links to Oxidative Stress, Gut Health, and Age Related Disease

Iron Overload: Ferritin, Toxic Overload, Liver Inflammation and Brain Health Iron, a critical mineral, is [...]

Thomas Levy MD, Protocol for Chronic Viral Infections

Dr. Thomas Levy’s Comments on Vitamin C, Ozone, and Chronic Infections and Oxidative Stress by [...]