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Pyrrole Disorder and Depression

pyroluria symptoms

Based on research by Dr William Walsh and Carl Pheiffer, among the tens of thousands of individuals tested with depression, 15% turned out positive for pyrrole disorder. Pyrrole Depression is one of the 5 Major Biotype of Depression that Dr Walsh has identified in his research.  A high incidence of Pyrrole Disorder is found in individuals […]

Hydrocortisone causes depression by lowering serotonin levels

A lot of people are prescribed cortisol or hydrocortisone for adrenal exhaustion or inflammation. Here’s a great article from Self Hacked that describes the 10 effects of cortisol. Three side effects are very relevant to health mood and wellbeing. Cortisol raises copper which causes dopamine to decrease and norepinephrine to increase- this worsens depression and […]

Epigenetic Benefits of ALA in Treatment of Cancer


Extensively published researcher and clinician, Dr Berkson utilizes high doses of racemic ALA (IV and Orally) along with HCA to inhibit tumor cell formation. Dr Berksen is doing awesome work reversing cancer by utilizing nutrients to effect epigenetics, inflammation and mitrochondrial activity. Utilizes high doses of racemic ALA (IV and Orally) along with HCA to inhibit […]

How apple cider vinegar may assist overmethylators

This publication suggests that acetate, derived from acetic acid, may assist the brain and other organs in reducing inflammation. That it does so specifically by acetylating DNA histones, explains the effectiveness of products such as organic apple cider vinegar in managing overmethylators. Overmethylators, who may be identified by a histamine blood test, would benefit because acetyl-CoA […]

Alzheimer’s and MT Promoter Therapy

Metallothionein MT Promoter Therapy

Alzheimer’s and MT Promoter developed by Dr William Walsh Phd. NOTES FROM 10/18/16 Notes from Dr Walsh’s presentation at the October 2016 Physician Workshop and Training Conference. Alzheimers was named after the Doctor bearing his name. Hallmarks of this condition include Apoptosis – spontaneous death of cells at rate of 5000 times normal. Severe oxidative […]

Medical Marijuana Resources

medical marijuana resources

Recently searching for a strain of medical marijuana with a street name of ACDC, I came across the site #leafly. These guys are by far the most useful of medical marijuana resources. Digging around the site I found mention of Rafael Mechoulam, the Israeli researcher who originally isolated THC.  If you’re looking for high CBD/THC […]