The Walsh Protocol

The 'Walsh Protocol' is nutrient based diagnosis and treatment protocol for managing mood  and behavior disorders.
The protocol was developed and is taught by Dr William Walsh PhD. to physicians, through the Walsh Research Institute.
William J. Walsh, PhD, president of the nonprofit Walsh Research Institute, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of nutritional medicine and a key scientist driving the development of nutrient-based psychiatry and nutritional medicine.
Through his work with the Walsh Institute and in association with the late Carl Pfeiffer MD, over the span of 30 years, Dr Walsh has developed tests and supplement treatment protocols to address the biochemical imbalances in patients diagnosed with mood and behavior disorders. The range of conditions treated successfully with his test and treatment "protocol" includes attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease.
His evidence-based nutrient therapy approach is explained in his book Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain, describes the evidence-based nutrient therapy system. The basis of his protocol can be referenced in some of his numerous peer-reviewed articles found here:
Remarkably, Dr. Walsh and his team of volunteers have conducted biochemical assessments numerous serial killers and mass murderers, including Charles Manson, Richard Speck, James Oliver Huberty, Patrick Sherrill, and Arthur Shawcross. He has assisted medical examiners, coroners, Scotland Yard, and the FBI in these forensics studies. And he developed nutritional programs for Olympic athletes, NBA players, major league baseball players, a heavyweight boxing champion, and PGA and LPG golfers.

The Walsh Protocol as practiced by physicians in a clinical setting includes a panel of labs that are used to assess an individuals biochemical biotype. The  'Walsh Panel' is comprised of blood and urine labs that include the individual tests listed below. Second Opinion Physician makes these tests available on this site to individuals seeking an Biotype Assessment/Consultation with Dr David Epstein, D.O. or one of our affiliate practitioners. Test panels may be ordered as an entire Panel or for persons wishing to test subsets of this panel they are divided into labs that may be used to assess individual biotype imbalances.