Telemedical services for mental illnesses and mood disorders


And don’t forget, you don’t have to live in the same city or country as your telemedical healthcare practitioner to receive excellent care.

Second Opinion Physician Telemedicine Practice

Second Opinion Physician focuses on depression, behavioral disorders, and overall mental health. Telemedical practitioners are fast-becoming the preferable mode for highly effective patient care and management.

We provide holistic support for emotional and mental health disorders, specializing in treating the symptoms of major depression disorder, anxiety disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and memory loss.

Our medical director, Dr David Epstein, is also an integrative and functional medicine practitioner and will holistically address a wide range of conditions.


Officially defined, telemedicine is the “use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide clinical health care at a distance”. At Second Opinion Physician, we are able to use lab testing and phone, email, or Skype consultations to provide recommendations for natural, safe, non-invasive, and incredibly effective treatments for a wide spectrum of mental health and functional medicine concerns. No more battling traffic, taking time off of work, or hectic waiting rooms!


There are many benefits and advantages in telemedicine: the elimination of the need for travel, reduction in the cost of healthcare because of increased efficiency, and an increase in the ability to reach people in rural areas (for example) or others who may otherwise be cut-off from primary or specialized care. Additionally, studies have not only proven the overwhelming efficacy of telemedicine but are even showing it to be a superior method of healthcare delivery in some specialties, particularly mental health. Telemedicine provides better patient monitoring and, according to the American Telemedicine Association, provides “greater outcomes and patient satisfaction”.


Convenience, economy (it saves time and money!), wider access, and superior quality are only some of the major benefits of telemedicine. Other positive considerations are the capability for real-time correspondence, quick turnaround on test results, the ability to see multiple doctors and receive “second opinions” from any number of specialists from a distance, and privacy and safety assurance, as telemedicine is fully HIPAA compliant.


At Second Opinion Physician, client care usually begins with an initial consultation with Dr. David Epstein, either online (Skype or email) or by phone. The consultation is then followed by the scheduling of lab tests, to be carried out by our partners at Lab Corp and Direct Lab. This can be done no matter what state a client may live in.


In his capacity of practicing telemedicine for mental illnesses, Dr Dave will request tests which will analyze the client’s brain chemistry based on nutrient levels (please see our Blog section for interesting articles and descriptions of these various nutrients and their effects on our brains and overall health!). Once payment is received and the test results are submitted, our doctor will review the labs, and the client will receive a comprehensive list of supplements specific to their biochemistry profile. It’s that easy!


A note on insurance: patients should be sure to ask their insurance providers if out-of-state physician consultations are covered, as well as lab testing. Many insurance providers do reimburse for Lab Corp testing.


Telemedicine is growing in demand as patients catch on to its vast advantages. Also growing in demand are natural treatments for depression and other mental health concerns. Second Opinion Physician provides all of these! Call us today for a free pre-consultation, or use the online chat to set up an initial consultation!

We look forward to supporting your greater health and happiness.


Dr Dave is a talented compassionate integrative physician. He places his patients 1st and utilizes cutting edge therapies that help patients regain optimal health. I enjoyed working along side him and I highly endorse his clinical skills. Not only do I recommend that patients see him but I myself as an integrative physician would consult with him about my own healthcare needs. Read More


Gez Agolli NMD, PhD, DrPH

Managing Director at Progressive Medical Center – Maxmanc Inc


Dr. Epstein came to our community as a family practice physician in the late 80s. I noticed that he was an osteopath, with a respectful, holistic approach to treating the body. Our community was so grateful that he chose to be our doctor.  It was the birth of my son that made me question the medical model of treating symptoms in the body rather than supporting our bodies so they in turn are able to take care of us. Read More


Anita B.

Patient of Dr Dave


Dr. Epstein, Thank You so much!!! I have finally gotten to an optimal state of cognitive health. Your tailored supplements have given me a sense of wellbeing which I never had. I always suffered from ADD and for few years, took Adderall. The Adderall kept me dependent, and at best, masked the symptoms. Following your recommendation, I no longer need Adderall. My ADD symptoms are being addressed in a proper way. Read More



Patient of Dr Dave

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