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It is not necessary to live in the same city or country as your telemedical healthcare practitioner to receive excellent care.

Second Opinion Physician Telemedicine Practice

Second Opinion Physician focuses on depression, behavioral disorders, and overall mental health. Telemedical practitioners are fast-becoming the preferable mode for highly effective patient care and management.

We provide holistic support for emotional and mental health disorders, specializing in treating the symptoms of major depression disorder, anxiety disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and memory loss.

Our medical director, Dr David Epstein, is also an integrative and functional medicine practitioner and will holistically address a wide range of conditions.

Telemedicine at Second Opinion Physician

What is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine utilizes technology to deliver healthcare remotely. At Second Opinion Physician, we employ lab tests and consultations via phone, email, or Skype to offer effective treatments for various mental health and functional medicine issues. This means no commuting, time off from work, or long waiting times.

Why Telemedicine?
Benefits of telemedicine include:

  • No need for travel.
  • Cost-effective healthcare.
  • Reaching individuals in remote areas.
  • Studies highlight its effectiveness, especially in mental health, leading to better patient outcomes and satisfaction.
  • It offers convenience, quick results, access to multiple specialists for second opinions, and assures privacy being HIPAA compliant.

Our Process
Clients typically start with a consultation with Dr. David Epstein, either online or by phone. This is followed by scheduling lab tests with our partners at Lab Corp and Direct Lab, available nationwide.

For mental health concerns, Dr. Epstein recommends tests to study nutrient levels affecting brain chemistry (visit our Blog for more insights). When ordering a Comprehensive Biotype Assessment, labs and history will be reviewed and clients will receive a tailored reoprt including supplements based on their biochemistry and weight, etc.

Insurance Considerations
It's advised to check with your insurance regarding coverage for out-of-state consultations and lab testing.

Why Choose Us?
The demand for telemedicine and natural treatments for mental health is growing. Second Opinion Physician provides both. Reach out for a free pre-consultation or use our online chat for an appointment.

We're here to enhance your well-being.

Second Opinion Physician Telemedicine Consent Form:

Telemedicine Consent Form
Second Opinion Physician, P.C.  
Dr. David Epstein, D.O.


I. Introduction:
Dr David Epstein, D.O. is the sole practitioner and owner, and operator of all activities at Second Opinion Physician, P.C.

II. Methods of Telemedicine: Second Opinion Physician uses various modes to communicate and evaluate, including:

  • Patient medical records
  • Secure email for private information sharing and transfer of documents.
  • Real-time video and or audio interactions
  • Relevant patient evaluation documents provided with Biotype Assessments.
  • Online HIPPA compliant-secure, questionnaire and consent forms.

III. Security Measures: To safeguard your information:

  • Second Opinion Physician adheres to protocols ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of patient data.
  • Our email and EMR system are HIPAA compliant.
  • Our website server is robustly secure, but not HIPAA certified. Therefore, please avoid sharing sensitive data via chat or website contact forms.

IV. Benefits: With Second Opinion Physician, you receive:

  • Options for testing and or consultations and both.
  • Consultation from Dr. David Epstein, D.O., a licensed Osteopathic General Practice physician with extensive experience in Functional Medicine.
  • Coordination of lab test ordering, querying relevant issues when making an assessment, this includes results and questionnaire review.
  • Extentive follow up phone call (15-30 ninutes) with Dr Epstein, included with the Biotype Assessment.
  • A focus on the Walsh Approach, targeting mood and behavioral disorders through supplements, lifestyle changes, and diet.
  • Strategy to improve imbalances related to methylation, copper/zinc ratios, pyroluria, and toxic overload and digestive health.
  • Follow up reassessments, possible including unrelated conditions.  However, for medication-related queries, patients are asked to consult with their own, local, prescribing physician or primary care provider. Dr Epstein may suggest and ideally suited local practitioners or make a formal referral to an appropriate practitioner.
  • A completely non-pharmaceutical approach with a focus on addressing conditions like depression, anxiety, autism, and dementia, etc.
  • Simple ordering of lab tests online and relaying requisition directly to patients for local lab testing.
  • Ongoing access to labs and reports for quick resend if necessary.
  • Fast turnaround for all testing, evaluations and correspondences.

V. Potential Risks: Like any medical procedure, there are inherent risks to working with a telemedicine physician:

  • Inability to physically assess the patient, face to face, visit may present some risk, should the condition be more serious than recognizable.
  • Digital data is always vulnerable to outside forces.
  • Dependent on internet access. If there is an extended outage between our computers, secure data servers, labs and patients, access may be limited.
  • We do not address issues that require attention to or discontinuation of medications.

VI. Consent Provisions: Your rights and obligations include:

  • Abiding by standard medical privacy regulations.
  • Freely withdrawing or withholding consent at any juncture.
  • Accessing and obtaining telemedicine records.
  • Exploring alternative medical care avenues.
  • Being aware that patient data might be shared with other medical professionals.
  • Responsibility to report other electronic health consultations.
  • Understanding that results aren't guaranteed.

VII. Acknowledgement: By signing below, I confirm that I've read, understood, and clarified any concerns about the provided information. I consent to telemedicine consultation under Second Opinion Physician.


Patient Signature: _______________ Date: _______________