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The Crucial Role of Methylation, Folate and Niacin in Depression Treatment

High Intensity Health Interviews Dr William Walsh PhD 2018 Methylation, Folate, and Niacin in Mental [...]

William Walsh PhD. Video – Methylation, Pregnancy and Mood Disorders

Epigenetics, Methylation Mental Health & Preconception Planning w/ Bill Walsh, PhD Methylation is a critical [...]

Nutrient Therapy for Depression. Understanding the Walsh Protocol and the 5 Biotypes of Depression

The Importance of Epigenetics and Antioxidants in Mental Health: Insights from Dr. Bill Walsh In [...]

Methylated Folate for Depression – Not Necessarily

Understanding Folic Acid, Methylation, and Related Mood Disorder Symptoms: Insights from Dr. William Walsh. Contrary [...]

Bulletproof Interview with Bill Walsh PhD – Transcript

Follow Along with the Radio Interview Announcer: Bulletproof Radio, a state of high performance. Dave: [...]

Bulletproof Radio; Dave Asprey Interviews William Walsh PhD

It’s too late to get healthy once you are already pregnant 00:06:10 We can directly [...]

Dr Walsh Podcast – Interviewed by Neil Nathan, MD

Healing Mental Illness with Chemistry (Internet Radio Interview) Interviewed by Neil Nathan, MD, The Cutting [...]

Dr William Walsh Podcasts – Bulletproof Podcast

Bulletproof:     [...]

Walsh Video on Epigenetics

This Dr Bill Walsh Video presenting his research on Epigenetics and Methylation   [...]