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Treat Depression Naturally

Second Opinion Physician is an online telemedicine practice that consults with patients and their physicians to identify and treat depression and mood disorders per the Walsh nutritional approach.

mental health telemedicine

Nutrient Role in Brain Function

According research and teachings of William Walsh PhD., of the Walsh Institute, most persons with depression and other mood disorders exhibit one or more of the 'Five Biotypes of Depression.' And many are successfully treated with supplementation.

mental health telemedicine

Biotype Testing and Consultation

In using this site, individuals may order a lab panel and physician consultation to address the possible cause and best remedy to improve neurotransmitter function, naturally.

mental health telemedicine

Functional Medicine Care

For the best success, a follow-up care plan will consider health history and the role played by diet, digestion and lifestyle. The body performs best by improving oxidative stress, hormone balance, cellular metabolism and inflammation.

mental health telemedicine

Walsh Approach Specialist

Dr. Epstein is a Walsh-trained functional medicine general practitioner. Call for a free-pre-consultation to learn how this approach might work for you.

Treat Depression Naturally Epstein Walsh Practitioner

Second Opinion Physician is a telemedicine medical practice developed as a resource to patients and doctors seeking access to the Walsh recommended lab testing and supplement protocols for treating depression, anxiety and the range of mood and congnitive disorders.


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On this website patients may order labs directly either as complete or partial panels in order to determine the nutritional status that underlies their particular mood or cognitive condition. If requested, a Biotype Report and Consultation may be had with Dr David Epstein.


William Walsh Protocol Practitioners

Dr Walsh's research and dedication has opened up a new paradigm of thinking in psychiatry. Nutrients play a critical role in balancing neurotransmitter function; knowing how, gives doctors and patients great hope for our overall well being.


treat depression naturally

The Walsh Approach has benefitted patients and is practiced by physicians around the world. The protocol for testing and diagnosis is based on the research of Dr Walsh and his famous theory of the "Five Biotypes of Depression."


Walsh Biotype Consultation

If you have decided to order the complete Walsh Panel and Biotype Report you may follow these links. Optionally, smaller panels and brief consultations may also be ordered. This option is available to help save cost and for retesting and supplement protocol modifications.


Schedule a no-charge 'pre-consultation' with David Epstein, D.O.

Speak directly with our Walsh-trained physician to confirm the best approach for your unique situation.

Read articles, review videos and learn more about the Walsh Protocol plus other functional medicine topics on our Blog:

walsh approach success

Barriers to Success with the Walsh Approach

By Epstein | May 25, 2019

Before spending money on Walsh Panel testing, or a medical Consultation it is advisable to consider other factors that may limit success of this protocol. I have seen many patients and witnessed tremendous success with the Walsh Protocol. Among those, I treated a teenage girl, hospitalized with severe psychosis, return to school in 5 days […]

who is william walsh PhD

Bulletproof Radio; Dave Asprey Interviews William Walsh PhD

By Epstein | February 15, 2019

It’s too late to get healthy once you are already pregnant 00:06:10 We can directly affect brain transmitters with nutrients 00:08:00 How NAC helps the body and brain 00:10:30 We have enough knowledge to use nutrients and diet instead of drugs 00:17:50 The ability to edit our genes 00:22:00 Nutrients that can cause mischief in […]

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MTHFR: Treating depression with folic acid is usually not a good idea!

By Epstein | November 18, 2018

Why MTHFR genetic test and therapy with methylated folates is not advisable for treating undermethylated persons with depression or other mood disorders. MTHFR genetic test is a predictor of one element of methylation biochemistry. But persons who are undermethylated also have low serotonin. And folic acid lowers serotonin in the brain by increasing teh expression […]


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Walsh trained doctors may also use this site to manage patients using our telemedicine platform.

Ordering Supplements

Biotype Nutrients is a source for top brand supplements organized according to ones nutritional biotype.


Biotype Individual Tests

Pyrrole Test for Depression