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Functional Medicine Care

For the best success, a follow-up care plan will consider health history and the role played by diet, digestion and lifestyle. The body performs best by improving oxidative stress, hormone balance, cellular metabolism and inflammation.

Treat Depression Naturally

Second Opinion Physician is an online telemedicine practice that consults with patients and their physicians to identify and treat depression and mood disorders per the Walsh nutritional approach.

MTHFR Genetic Mutations?

MTHFR positive gene mutations suggests that methylation benefits from methylated B vitamins. The problem with this diagnostic theory is that folic acid reduces serotonin activity. Thus folates are not advised for low serotonin depression.

Lab Tests for Methylation

The Walsh approach, to depression and mood disorders, utilizes histamine and homocysteine to more accurately establish methylation status and to determine supplement strategy.

Walsh Approach Specialist

Dr. Epstein is a Walsh-trained functional medicine general practitioner. Call for a free-pre-consultation to learn how this approach might work for you.

Nutrient Role in Brain Function

According research and teachings of William Walsh PhD., of the Walsh Institute, most persons with depression and other mood disorders exhibit one or more of the 'Five Biotypes of Depression.' And many are successfully treated with supplementation.

Biotype Testing and Consultation

In using this site, individuals may order a lab panel and physician consultation to address the possible cause and best remedy to improve neurotransmitter function, naturally.

treat depression naturally

The Walsh Approach has benefitted patients and is practiced by physicians around the world. The protocol for testing and diagnosis is based on the research of Dr Walsh and his famous theory of the "Five Biotypes of Depression."


William Walsh Protocol Practitioners

Dr William Walsh's research and dedication has opened up a new paradigm of thinking in psychiatry. Nutrients play a critical role in balancing serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.  We are deeply grateful for this protocol that gives doctors and patients great hope for treating depression and mood disorders naturally.


Walsh Biotype Consultation

Second Opinion Physician consultation services for general health issues includes options for patients to order brief and extended phone consultations or a more Comprehensive  Biotype Report. These telemedicine, online options for professional medical testing and evaluation, helps patient save money, improve access and establish a relationship with a medical expert from any location.


A hand with a stethoscope to give an exam

On this website patients may order labs with or without a Consultation. A wide selection of lab tests and panels can be ordered here, online. Simply purchase the test online. A test requisition form will be emailed to you for labs to be drawn at your nearest Lab Corp. Results will be sent via an encrypted secure email server. If you have questions regarding interpretation of the results, Dr Dave is available for consultations ranging from $99-$399.


David Epstein DO Physician

Dr David Epstein, D.O. is a telemedicine medical practitioner with 35 years of experience as a holistic alternative physician. A Functional Medicine Doctor helping patients manage systemic health conditions, Epstein focuses his care on treating depression and mood disorders per the "Walsh Protocol', an individualized nutrient approach rooted in biochemistry.


Most frequently ordered lab tests and consultation options

Biotype Single Tests - Walsh Approach

Biotype Individual Tests

CBC – Complete Blood Count


Biotype Individual Tests



Biotype Individual Tests

Comp. Metabolic Panel (14)


Biotype Individual Tests

Copper, Serum


Biotype Individual Tests

Histamine, Whole Blood


Biotype Individual Tests

Homocysteine, Plasma


Biotype Individual Tests

Pyrrole Test for Depression


Other Cognoscopy Labs

T3, Free (Triiodothyronine) Serum


Other Cognoscopy Labs

T4, Free (Thyroxine)


Biotype Individual Tests

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy Test


Biotype Individual Tests

Zinc, Plasma


Biotype Lab Panels

Free “Pre-Consultation”


Other Lab Panels

Hashimoto’s Thyroid Panel


Cognoscopy Alzheimer's Panel

Cognoscopy Lab Panel #3


Cognoscopy Alzheimer's Panel

Cognoscopy Lab Panel #4


Other Lab Panels

Female Hormone Panel


Read articles, review videos and learn more about the Walsh Protocol plus other functional medicine topics on our Blog:

MTHFR Positive? Undermethylated? Here’s why some methylated B vitamins are not good for depression:

By Epstein

MTHFR positive means that there is a deficiency of an enzyme (called Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) that breaks down homocysteine and folates.  With this MTHFR genetic mutation (heterozygous or homozygous), as determined common genetic test with 23andMe, one may also have undermethylation. But treating depression with folic acids, inlcuding methylated folate B vitamins, should not be recommended […] Read More

Methylation Pathway

By Epstein

Why Walsh-trained doctors test for homocysteine and histamine prior to supplement recommendations Homocysteine and Whole Blood Histamine are tested together when testing for undermethylation or when planning to prescribe methylation support. This is because any increase in methionine or SAMe, methylators or methyl donors, also tends to raise homocysteine. Homocysteine is one of the most […] Read More

Treat Elevated Histamine, Naturally

By Epstein

Symptoms of elevated histamine More and more these days, people suffer from what are simply referred to simply as “allergies.” Allergies are reactions by the body to exposure by foods and  other elements that cause the body to release histamine and other biochemical elements such as tryptase, heparin, serotonin and immunoglobulins. The effect of these […] Read More

Zinc to Copper Ratios in Children with Autism

By Epstein

Research and physician training protocols developed by Dr Walsh of the Walsh Research Institute for identifying mood disorders is focused on managing young teens and adults. Most physicians trained in the Walsh Protocol themselves treat adults only and not so much of the pediatric population. As a general practitioner, managing biochemical disorders and depression in […] Read More

LDN Low Dose Naltrexone for High Histamine

By Epstein

Low Dose Naltrexone LDN for Symptoms of Histamine Overload Very low dosages of the pharmaceutical drug naltrexone is being used for histamine intolerance and other inflammatory conditions with great success. It is more commonly recommended in full strength, as an opiate receptor stimulator/blocker for pain syndromes. Because it is a receptor agonist and antagonist, it […] Read More

Barriers to Success with the Walsh Approach

By Epstein

Before spending money on Walsh Panel testing, or a medical Consultation it is advisable to consider other factors that may limit success of this protocol. I have seen many patients and witnessed tremendous success with the Walsh Protocol. Among those, I treated a teenage girl, hospitalized with severe psychosis, return to school in 5 days […] Read More

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

By Epstein

Dr. Ashton, DR, FRCP, is an Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psycho-pharmacology at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Dr. Ashton is an expert researcher and clinician in the area of addictive psychotropic drugs. She was the director of a benzodiazepine withdrawal clinic for 12 years and has developed the “gold standard” protocol for withdrawal from […] Read More

Bulletproof Radio; Dave Asprey Interviews William Walsh PhD

By Epstein

It’s too late to get healthy once you are already pregnant 00:06:10 We can directly affect brain transmitters with nutrients 00:08:00 How NAC helps the body and brain 00:10:30 We have enough knowledge to use nutrients and diet instead of drugs 00:17:50 The ability to edit our genes 00:22:00 Nutrients that can cause mischief in […] Read More

Alzheimer’s and MT Promoter Therapy

By Epstein

Alzheimer’s and MT Promoter developed by Dr William Walsh Phd. NOTES FROM 10/18/16 Notes from Dr Walsh’s presentation at the October 2016 Physician Workshop and Training Conference. Alzheimers was named after the Doctor bearing his name. Hallmarks of this condition include Apoptosis – spontaneous death of cells at rate of 5000 times normal. Severe oxidative […] Read More

Treating Bipolar Disorder with Supplements – Walsh Protocol

By Epstein

Treating bipolar disorder with supplements is addressed by William Walsh Phd in this podcast. His  ion channel and cell electrodynamic research gives hope.  

Read More

Expert Medical Witness

Dr Epstein supports defense attorneys and their clients in the State of Georgia. Forensic lab  testing, evaluation, supplement recommendations and expert medical testimony per the Walsh Approach is an important consideration in rehabilitating convicted criminals.


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