Improve Brain Function, Naturally

Diagnostic testing and medical consulting to identify and manage
biochemistry imbalances underlying mood and behavior disorders.

Dr David Epstein, D.O. is is an functional medicine physician utilizing state of the art testing and nutritional therapies to treat mental disorders.

Having years of experience using nutrition and bioidentical hormones to treat a multitude of health disorders, Dr Dave has become proficient in the use of supplements to correct biotype imbalances and hormone therapies for PTSD per the research and teachings of  Dr William Walsh PhD and Mark Gordon MD.

"Several years ago I had the good fortune of meeting Dr Walsh at an ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine) conference. His presentation addressing oxidative stress, nutrient imbalances and epigenetics stunned the audience of experienced practitioners. And it changed the course of my own practice and the lives of thousands of patients worldwide.

From his work with the late Carl Pfeiffer MD and through today, William Walsh PhD and the Walsh Research Institute have catalyzed a movement that will likely one day revolutionize the practice of psychiatry. Thanks to their work, one day there may no longer be a need to use pharmaceutical meds to treat conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety and dementia."

For the treatment of PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury TBI,  Dr Gordon's works has proven effective when trauma leads to an underactivity of the endocrine system. A deficiency of neuroprotective hormones and consequent PTSD may be identified through lab testing and treated with bioidentical hormones and nutritional supplements.

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“Dear Dr Dave, I’m healthy again–and it’s been a long, difficult haul over the last four years I have been sick both physically and emotionally. Thank you for your great doctoring. Before I contacted you, I suffered thru 4 misdiagnoses, including RA for which I was treated with highly toxic drugs for 2 years! I’m now taking 100mg zinc piccolinate daily, along with 150mg B6. Should I stay at these levels? Or taper down to a maintenance dose? How much would it cost to get updated blood tests? I’m healthy and happy. Read More

David T.


Dear Dr. Epstein, You might advise other folks to “keep the faith” because, at one point, early on, I didn’t feel any better and I got very discouraged. I’m glad I persevered. Then, about 3 months, it hit me. I felt a distinct reduction in base-line anxiety (a life-long problem from childhood). I waited 4 more days to make sure it stuck, before I told my wife, and we celebrated! The earlier problem of upset stomach and pain from the zinc gradually subsided, but it was touch-and-go for a while. Read More

Richard D.

Elevated Free Copper

Hello Dr Epstein, This is me again….but with wonderful news. Just to refresh your memory, Alonzo, my 9 year old son had a terrible day at school 12 days ago which was extremely discouraging for me since at that time he was already in his 7th week of taking the supplements. I thought then that maybe nothing will work. The following week I had a meeting with the principal, and explained the therapy that Alonzo was following as well as all the dietary changes, behavioral therapies already done. Read More

Rosemary L

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David Epstein D.O. is available to discuss your situation and give general feedback regarding the benefits of the Walsh or Gordon protocols. 

Dr Epstein and other practitioners affiliated with Second Opinion Physician, utilizes the Walsh Protocol, developed by William Walsh PhD and the Walsh Institute

Second Opinion Physician is not directly affiliated with the Walsh Institute, yet one of the key areas of practice offered by this telemedicine service is in the utilization of the Walsh Protocol. 

Since his original collaborative years with the late Carl Pheiffer M.D., William Walsh Ph.D. has spent many years investigating biochemical imbalances associated with mood and behavior disorders. His targeted analysis of tens of thousands of individuals suffering from a wide range of mental conditions have led him to develop parameters for lab testing and analysis of results. From his work, the Walsh Protocol is used by physicians worldwide to use natural supplements for the treatment of depression, anxiety, ADHD, biopolar disorder, schizophrenia and a wide range of other psychiatric disorders.  

Links below are to his various publications and presentations. For a more indepth overview, his publications are listed on the Walsh Institute Website. 


How does the test and consultation process work?

Go to the Labs and Assessments page and select the test and consultation service you would like to receive. You will receive a link to complete and online questionnaire. You will then get a test form to take to Lab Corp and your urine kryptopyrrole test kit will come to you by mail. Once tests and the questionnaire are complete you will receive results. If a consultation and assessment are also ordered these will be sent via secure email and a time will be made available to talk with the physician as a follow-up to the report.

Do you use genetic tests to determine methylation status or biotypes?

Genetic tests are not used. The protocol taught by Dr Walsh utilizes histamine for determining methylation status and other biotypes are determined according the panel made available on this website.

What if I already have my lab results but just want an Assessment and supplement Plan?

Consultation and Assessments are available for persons who already have labs, as long as they were completed in the past 3-4 months. Consultation fee is a bit higher, due to the extra time involved. Sometimes tests may have to be repeated if they were drawn by a less reliable source or appear ambiguous. 

Can you bill my insurance?

Second Opinion Physician does not bill insurance at this time. However upon request a statement will be provided with CPT codes and fees spent for the labs and consultation. Sometimes insurance or private funds will apply this to your deductible or reimburse for the services.

What are the Biotypes of Depression?

The 5 Biotypes of Depression is a term developed by Dr Walsh of the Walsh Institute to describe the primary biochemical classifications of mood and behavior disorders. When a practitioner knows one's biotype, then a specific nutrient strategy can be applied to the treatment strategy. 

What are the key influences on brain function identified through the Walsh Panel?

The key underlying factors influencing one's mood and behavior are the 1) the epigenetic (methylation) influences upon neurotransmitter activity and, 2) nutrition and the ability for key biochemical processes to take place and, 3) oxidative stress, an important indicator of need for nutrient and lifestyle management.

How do I determine my "biotype"? 

Your biotype will be determined by the results of the labs. For a full set of the Walsh Biotype we recommend doing the Comprehensive Biotype Panel with Consultation. If you are just looking to determine if you have one or another Biotype imbalance, consider ordering one of the following. Overmethylation or Undermethylation biotypes are determined by a whole blood histamine test. Copper Overload requires copper, ceruloplasmin and zinc tests or the combo Copper Overload test panel. For kryptopyrroles order the Pyrrole Urine Test

What does the term "methylation" have to do with depression?

Methylation is a term that describes the status of DNA activity in the production of proteins, enzymes and immune globulins. Overmethylators tend to have an underactive DNA 'transcription' process, whereas undermethylators have an overactivity of cellular function. 

Why does the therapy have to be individualized for each person?

As an example, individuals with overmethylation and overmethylation can experience mood disorders. Overmethylators issues arise from overactive serotonin and dopamine activity, while undermethylators it is due to an under active neurotransmitter activity. Addressing this imbalance is a major consideration in nutrient therapy. This is why treatment must be individualized.

Is Second Opinion Physician affiliated with the Walsh Institute?

Second Opinion Physician is independent from the non-profit Walsh Research Institute.

Where can I purchase supplements?

You may purchase supplements from any reputable source. Dosages and ingredients are provided with Assessment reports. To simplify the process of purchasing supplements online Second Opinion Physician has set up a website offering the top professional brands. It is called Biotype Nutrients. Supplements are categorized according to one's "biotype", a classification system developed by Dr Walsh.

How do I know what test to order?

If you are interested in a complete Walsh Panel with interpretation and supplement recommendations by the SOP Doctor then you'll want to order the "Lab Panel - Comprehensive Biotype". Be sure to select option "Diagnostic Test with Consult and Detailed Report".

I've already had a Second Opinion Comprehensive Panel. What follow up test do I order?

The initial Comprehensive Biotype Panel includes tests that do not necessarily have to be repeated.  If any of the following labs were out of balance then you may wish to repeat in 3-6 months. This includes one or more of the individual biotype lab tests such as vitamin D, homocysteine, copper, ceruloplasmin and zinc. Histamine and pyrroles do not have to be repeated unless we are uncertain about the results due to test handling or concurrent use of medicines or supplements. If you would like support in Assessing these results, consider options