telemedicine telehealth walsh approach to treat depression naturally

Functional Medicine Care

For the best success, a follow-up care plan will consider health history and the role played by diet, digestion and lifestyle. The body performs best by improving oxidative stress, hormone balance, cellular metabolism and inflammation.

telemedicine telehealth walsh approach to treat depression naturally

Treat Depression Naturally

Second Opinion Physician is an online telemedicine practice that consults with patients and their physicians to identify and treat depression and mood disorders per the Walsh nutritional approach.

telemedicine telehealth walsh approach to treat depression naturally

MTHFR Genetic Mutations?

MTHFR positive gene mutations suggests that methylation benefits from methylated B vitamins. The problem with this diagnostic theory is that folic acid reduces serotonin activity. Thus folates are not advised for low serotonin depression.

telemedicine telehealth walsh approach to treat depression naturally

Lab Tests for Methylation

The Walsh approach, to depression and mood disorders, utilizes histamine and homocysteine to more accurately establish methylation status and to determine supplement strategy.

telemedicine telehealth walsh approach to treat depression naturally

Walsh Approach Specialist

Dr. Epstein is a Walsh-trained functional medicine general practitioner. Call for a free-pre-consultation to learn how this approach might work for you.

telemedicine telehealth walsh approach to treat depression naturally

Nutrient Role in Brain Function

According research and teachings of William Walsh PhD., of the Walsh Institute, most persons with depression and other mood disorders exhibit one or more of the 'Five Biotypes of Depression.' And many are successfully treated with supplementation.

telemedicine telehealth walsh approach to treat depression naturally

Biotype Testing and Consultation

In using this site, individuals may order a lab panel and physician consultation to address the possible cause and best remedy to improve neurotransmitter function, naturally.

telemedicine telehealth walsh approach to treat depression naturally

Histamine and Plasma Methylation Testing

Understanding the concept of methylation pathway, and how it is used by Walsh Practitioners, instead of MTHFR testing, to treat depression without medications.

Second Opinion Physician | Your Online Doctor

Specializing in the Walsh Approach for treating depression, anxiety, Autism, Alzheimer's, ADHD, schizophrenia and other mood and behavior disorders.

Comprehensive Biotype Panel

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Comprehensive Biotype Panel

All patients with mood and behavior disorders are advised to do the Comprehensive Biotype Panel

This lab panel identifies the key markers to address methylation imbalance, copper overload and neurotransmitter activity. It Includes:

Whole Blood Histamine
Vitamin D
Complete Blood Count
Metabolic Panel

Consultation and Biotype Report

Biotype Report with Assessment, Plan and Phone Call

This consultation option includes review of symptoms, medicines and history plus Lab Corp test results.


Review of History
Lab Corp Test Interpretation
Multipage Biotype Report
Supplement Plan
45 Minute Follow Up Phone Call
Discount to Purchase Supplements 


*All services are
HIPAA compliant


What is my "Biotype?"

treat depression naturally

Your biotype, as per Dr. Walsh's terminology, denotes your distinct biochemical profile based on a specific set of laboratory tests. These tests help us categorize individuals into one or more of the five nutrient imbalance categories that often underlie mood disorders, referred to as the "Five Biotypes of Depression".

With the Comprehensive Biotype Panel, Walsh trained practitioners can pinpoint the specific biochemical imbalances you might be encountering. This can inform us about the activity of critical neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, whether they are low or elevated. It can also reveal if there is a heightened level of the neurotransmitter noradrenaline. This information is crucial before starting any medication or supplement that could influence these neurotransmitters, helping to ensure a safe and effective treatment approach.

Why should I take this test?

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You should consider taking this test panel because it is instrumental in determining the root causes of your depression or anxiety. By evaluating key nutrients frequently linked to mood disorders, it provides essential insights into your methylation status and the extent of any copper overload, among other critical factors. These factors significantly influence neurotransmitter activity, including their production, reuptake, and receptor sensitivity. Despite the seemingly limited number of test items, this panel, per the Walsh Approach can deliver comprehensive information vital for understanding and managing your mental health conditions.

Why not just take medications?

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Prescription drugs are issued based on behavioral diagnoses rather than underlying biochemical conditions, thereby do not address the root cause of mental health issues. The Walsh Approach, aims to rectify each individual's unique biochemical imbalances—such as methylation imbalance, copper/zinc imbalance, or vitamin D deficiency, etc., commonly linked to mood disorders, offers a more targeted solution.

While prescription drugs like antidepressants or antipsychotics can provide short-term relief or manage acute situations, they fail to correct the causative nutrient imbalances and can even lead to harmful effects, particularly with long-term use.

Opting for a treatment based on a patient's unique biochemical status, rather than solely on diagnostic labels, can result in more lasting and effective health enhancements, providing a superior alternative to conventional prescription drugs.

What are the next steps to get started?

Don't hesitate to give me a call. I'm more than happy to chat at no cost to help answer any lingering questions or to provide reassurance about whether this approach is right for your situation. You can click on the image above to call me, send a message, or arrange a pre-consultation call. If you're already confident that this is the test and consultation you want, there's no need for this preliminary call. If you've ordered a consultation, rest assured we'll have an opportunity to talk afterwards.

When you're prepared to order the Comprehensive Biotype Panel, simply click on the provided link or navigate via the menu above. Upon purchase, I'll send you a lab requisition via email, complete with detailed instructions and a link to your nearest Lab Corp facility. All you need to do is bring this form to the lab; they will request your ID and collect a blood sample. No additional lab fees are required.

Typically, your results will be available within 3 business days. They will be sent to my office initially, and then forwarded to the email address you've provided at checkout when you made your order.

A hand with a stethoscope to give an exam

Most wish to order a Consultation when they order the lab panel. This is optional. Occassionally, patients would like to review the labs first or else schedule a consult later to spread out the payments. Once the consult is ordered, I will send a link to a questionnaire and consent form. This information will be incorporated into the Biotype Report, along with the labs. Once the questionnaire is complete it takes one to two days for me to prepare the report. I will send it by email. After you have had a chance to look it over, use the link in the email, or at the top of this page, to schedule an appointment. That can usually be done as soon as the next day. At that time, I will go over the findings and plan, and give my thoughts on any other findings that may require attention, based on lab and information provided on the questionnaire. You will be able to take as much time as you like to answer questions related to the Report.

Dr David Epstein, D.O. is a functional medicine doctor with 35 years of general practice experience. Dr Dave focuses his efforts at treating depression and anxiety per the Walsh Protocol. With an excellent understanding of methylation imbalances, oxidative stress, neurodevelopmental disorders, toxic overload, gut health and hormone imbalances and the role of nutrient therapy in treating mood and behavior disorders, you are in good hands with Dr Dave.

Follow Up Care

Dr. Dave is on hand for follow-up questions, consultations, or retesting of elements from the Comprehensive Panel. For best results, we typically recommend retesting those components that were previously imbalanced, usually 2-3 months after beginning supplement therapy. This website conveniently enables you to order lab testing for individual items whenever necessary. Brief consultations to review the results are also an option. If you have queries, feel free to send an email. He will check your prior lab results and guide you on any necessary retesting.

Additionally, you can order a variety of other lab tests and panels through this website. Depending on the specific test, Dr. Dave may be in a position to evaluate your results, offer advice, or refer you to a relevant specialist or a suitable local physician.

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While we don't accept insurance directly, we can provide you with a Superbill upon request, which may allow for potential reimbursement from your insurance provider. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a diagnosis code prior to ordering labs at Lab Corp, which is necessary if you intend to have Lab Corp directly bill your insurance.

Understanding that budget constraints might be a factor for some, we offer alternatives to divide the panel. For example, you may opt to order only a copper overload panel or a methylation panel. We also offer different consultation options, such as a brief 10 or 20-minute phone call to discuss results. While we cannot review a full questionnaire and provide supplement details in such a short call, this might be a viable option under certain circumstances. Furthermore, for those experiencing financial difficulties, discounts may be available upon request.

The Walsh Approach

Dr. Walsh's trailblazing research on methylation imbalances has shed new light on its effects on mood disorders, such as depression and autism. He has also unveiled the crucial role of copper toxicity in anxiety and depression. His insight into the epigenetic role of folic acid in serotonin reuptake offers clarity on its indiscriminate use, particularly among individuals "deemed" to be undermethylated based on the prevalent MTHFR genetic test. This transformative understanding has led to the creation of tailored nutrient therapies, significantly advancing mental health management. Thanks to his relentless efforts at  physician training globally, the Walsh Protocol has made a profound impact on countless lives.

Biotype Nutrients is an online supplement store developed exclusively for patients evaluated by Second Opinion Physician. Although purchasing from this platform isn't mandatory, it offers competitive pricing and high-quality brands arranged per the Five Biotype system developed by Dr. Walsh. If you've had a Biotype Assessment prepared by Your Online Physician, you will receive a discount coupon for all purchases made on this vitamin and minerals website.

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