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David Epstein, D.O. specializes in the most current practices per the Walsh Approach. Dr Epstein has been treating patients using the Walsh Approach for mood and behavior disorders since 2014. He has been a functional medicine physician for 35 years. His approach involves other modalities to improve patients' response to the Walsh Approach.

For more in-depth information on the Walsh Protocol  see Dr Walsh's book Nutrient Power offered at the Walsh Institute website. It offers a readable and insightful explanation regarding the diagnosis of nutrient imbalances affecting common conditions autism, bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety, post partum depression, schizophrenia, undermethylation, phobias, Oppositional Defiant behavior, and pyroluria etc.,

William Walsh Practitioner

"In 1986 I completed medical school at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine and Internship at Flint Osteopathic Hospital.

Prior to that I grew up in Dallas, Texas and studied psychology and art at the University of Texas and University of California at Berkely. Since then I ran a private practice clinic in Atlanta, the Little 5 Points Medical Clinic, for quite a few years, offering chelation therapy, IV vitamins, oxygen therapy and functional medicine.

Over the course of time I also launched an aromatherapy brand and distribution company called Earth Solutions and a sustainable soil-less garden equipment company called Bioponica.

Biotype Nutrients was launched a year ago to make supplements available to patients who were treated via the Second Opinion website to assist in the sourcing top brands of nutrients organized according to each persons unique "biotype."

While I maintain an interest in these businesses, my priority is in the practice of functional medicine and the application of the Walsh Approach for treating patients and coaching physicians at Second Opinion Physician."


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Hello Dr. Epstein

My daughter is doing soooooo much better with the 5 months of treatment you recommended. With new she is 100% her normal self. However, the final piece remaining is she has a lot of anxiety around other people and doesn't want to interact with anyone outside our family. 

I would like to retest and see what the data looks like now. What retesting do you recommend and what is the cost for each? I was thinking I would like to retest the methylation panel, copper, pyrroles and vitamins D.

Please let me know your thoughts when you get the chance. It will he 6 months beginning Aug 6th

Thank you soooooo much!!

Mrs. T


Dr. Epstein,

I can't thank you enough for saving my daughters life. She is back in Ballet, active in School and with friends; she wants to get involved with more than she can handle and wear herself out. I'm looking forward to getting an assessment done on myself very soon. 

R. C.

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Dr. Epstein, Thank You so much!!! I have finally gotten to an optimal state of cognitive health. Your tailored supplements have given me a sense of wellbeing which I never had. I always suffered from ADD and for few years, took Adderall. The Adderall kept me dependent, and at best, masked the symptoms. Following your recommendation, I no longer need Adderall. My ADD symptoms are being addressed in a proper way. Read More


Patient of Dr Dave


Dr Dave is a talented compassionate integrative physician. He places his patients 1st and utilizes cutting edge therapies that help patients regain optimal health. I enjoyed working along side him and I highly endorse his clinical skills. Not only do I recommend that patients see him but I myself as an integrative physician would consult with him about my own healthcare needs. Read More

Gez Agolli NMD, PhD, DrPH

Managing Director at Progressive Medical Center – Maxmanc Inc

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Dr. Epstein came to our community as a family practice physician in the late 80s. I noticed that he was an osteopath, with a respectful, holistic approach to treating the body. Our community was so grateful that he chose to be our doctor.  It was the birth of my son that made me question the medical model of treating symptoms in the body rather than supporting our bodies so they in turn are able to take care of us. Read More

Anita B.

Patient of Dr Dave

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I wonder if it's possible for me to ask a follow up question about the treatment plan for my daughter? She's been following your recommendations and her anxiety has completely resolved.  However, I've had no luck getting her zinc up to the dosage that you recommend....


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