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Second Opinion Physician is a telemedicine practice run by David Epstein, D.O. that focuses on assessing and treating potential biochemical imbalances that may contribute to mood or behavior disorders. The clinic offers lab testing and medical consultations using the Walsh Approach, a method developed by Dr. William Walsh, PhD, that aims to address these imbalances through a combination of laboratory testing, questionnaire review, and treatment plans that may include nutritional supplements. Dr Epstein is a trained Walsh Practitioner and a telehealth care provider with a background in Functional Medicine, a holistic approach to healthcare that addresses the root cause of health issues. Although Dr Epstein is licensed as an osteopathic physician, this is a telemedicine practice with limitations in patient management and it is important to work with a local practitioner for prescription medicines and acute health concerns.

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Focus on the Walsh Approach

Dr. Walsh is a leading expert in the field of mental disorders and a pioneer in orthomolecular psychiatry and nutritional medicine. He has spent 30 years developing biochemical test protocols and supplement plans to support neurotransmitter production and activity. Through his non-profit research institute, the Walsh Research Institute, he has analyzed tens of thousands of cases of patients with mood and behavior disorders. His work can be applied to most major mood disorders, including life long depression, anxiety and panic disorders, bipolar disorder (BPD), schizophrenia, dementia and others, as well as less severe but still significant conditions like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), autism, and insomnia.

Dr Walsh’s book, Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain, outlines his evidence-based theory and protocol. He has also given many interviews and podcasts that are available on the Second Opinion Physician website. Dr Walsh believes that as many as 95% of people with mood and behavior disorders can be classified into one of five biotypes of depression: Overmethylation, Undermethylation, Copper Overload, Pyrrole Disorder, or Toxic Overload. These biotypes are the result of biochemical imbalances in the body.


Second Opinion Physician Founder

With a career spanning 35 years, and as the founder of Second Opinion Physician, I have always been dedicated to providing natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical treatments. My passion for this approach was reinforced when I met William Walsh PhD at an ACAM conference in 2014. Dr Walsh's extensive research, biochemical orientation, and kind demeanor left a lasting impression on me and motivated me to dive deeper into his theories.

Attending my first Walsh-practitioners workshop was a privilege, as it allowed me to learn directly from Dr Walsh himself. I was convinced that this approach provided doctors with a much-needed tool to address the growing issue of mood and behavior disorders.

Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of functional medicine. I owned and operated a neighborhood medical clinic in Atlanta that emphasized EDTA chelation, IV vitamins, and oxidative therapy. I also found a passion in exercising an entrepreneurial talent by starting two businesses with Earth Solutions and Bioponica. After taking Dr Walsh's workshop and gaining experience with the protocol in a clinical setting, I decided to start this telemedicine practice, and dedicate my time on managing mood disorders per the Walsh Approach.

Having treated nearly a thousand patients using this protocol, I am confident in its efficacy. The Five Biotypes of Depression concept developed by Dr Walsh offers a simple explanation of the role that nutrients play in mental health, giving practitioners and patients a clear understanding of the underlying causes of neurotransmitter imbalance. In addition to the Walsh protocol, I also incorporate the Dale Bredesen, M.D. model, which evaluates and manages naturally, biochemical imbalances to prevent and treat dementia and cognitive decline.

I am thrilled to offer this effective and natural approach to treating mood disorders through telemedicine, and believe that lifestyle, diet, nutrition, hormones, genetics, and digestive health all play a crucial role in our overall wellbeing and longevity.

David Epstein DO Physician
Dr. David Epstein, D.O.
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Mood and Behavior Disorders Treated

Alcohol Abuse
Anger Management
Antisocial Personality
Asperger’s Syndrome
Autoimmune Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Borderline Personality

Chronic Relapse
Developmental Disorders
Digestive Disorders
Drug Abuse
Eating Disorders
Emotional Disturbance
Learning Disabilities
Medication Management
Narcissistic Personality

Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
Oppositional Defiance
Oxidative Stress
Sleep or Insomnia
Substance Abuse
Suicidal Ideation
Trauma and PTSD
Weight Loss