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Second Opinion Physician provides lab tests, questionnaire review and Biotype Assessments for addressing biochemical imbalances that may cause mood or behavior disorders according to the research and teachings of Dr. William Walsh, PhD.  Dr. David Epstein is our functional medicine physician; he specializes in the Walsh Approach to identify cause and prepare a treatment plan for depression and other mood disorders with nutritional supplement protocols. Dr Dave will also assist with broad range of other health conditions.


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Focus on the Walsh Approach

Dr. Walsh is an internationally recognized expert in the field of mental disorders and a key scientist paving the way for orthomolecular psychiatry and nutritional medicine.  Over the past 30 years, Walsh has developed biochemical test protocol and supplement plans to optimize the nutrients associated with neurotransmitter production and activity. Through his non-profit research institute, Walsh Research Institute he has sampled and evaluated tens of thousands of cases and datapoints from patients in and around Chicago and the Cook County hospital and prison systems.  His work is applicable to the majority of major mood disorders including severe depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, shizophrenia, psychosis, post partum depression as well as less severe though very important conditions of insomnia, ADHD, OCD, ODD, Autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s and other disorders that are prescribed pharmacutical medicines almost exclusively, worldwide.

Dr Walsh’s book, Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain , succinctly describes his evidence-based theory and protocol.  Many of his interviews and podcasts can be seen on our website. According to Dr Walsh, as many as 95% persons, suffering from all types of mood and behavior disorders, fall into one or more of the Five Biotype of Depression. These biochemical imbalances are referred to as Overmethylation, Undermethylation, Copper Overload, Pyrrole Disorder and Toxic Overload.


For most all conditions, the initial Second Opinion Physician evaluation workup includes the Comprehensive Biotype Panel and Consultation. This is described as the "Walsh Panel"; it includes pyrrole urine testing by DHA labs and blood work from Lab Corp. Blood tests include whole blood histamine, homocysteine, copper, ceruloplasmin, vitamin D plus a CBC and Metabolic Panel. Dr David Epstein will use this information along with a patient completed online questionnaire to prepare a 10 page Biotype Report™. Results are reviewed in a follow-up phone or Skype discussion.

As some patients may already have completed some or all tests from another physician, it is not necessary to start with the Comprehensive Panel. In some cases it may be more practical to order a panel for methylation status or just copper overload status or to order test items individually.  Click here to see more information regarding pricing and options.

Following the test results, the Biotype Report™ and phone discussion, Dr Epstein is available to answer related questions or provide evaluations.

Individuals taking prescription medications prior to starting the protocol are advised to stay on the medications for six months before attempting to discontinue. Patients are encouraged to work with their prescribing physician before attempting to reduce or discontinue medications.


Blood tests are drawn at your nearest Lab Corp location. A urine pyrrole test kit will be mailed to you from DHA Labs.  Instructions for both tests will be sent along with the lab requisition. This includes information about existing medicines, fasting or taking supplement prior to testing. Blood tests are typically received by my clinic from Lab Corp within 3-4 days. Pyrrole test results are available within 3-5 business days after they are received by DHA. Once forms and labs are complete, the Biotype Report will be emailed within 2-3 business days; at that time you may schedule an appointment time for the consultation follow-up phone call.

Please review our Telemedicine Consent statement. You will be asked to sign it once a consultation has been ordered.

Both ‘pre-consultations’ and follow-up Biotype Report discussions may be scheduled on the appointment booking calendar.

Second Opinion Physician Founder

I earned a medical degree from the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1986. A General Practice internship was completed at Flint Osteopathic Hospital the next year.

My 35 years of practice and medical consulting has been focused in the area of functional medicine. After a few years of minor emergency medicine in Atlanta, I began my first clinical practice with the Little 5 Points Medical Clinic. At that time, I was only the third physician in the state of Georgia to offer chelation therapy, IV vitamin C, Myer's Cocktail and IV oxidative therapy.  The late Milton Fried DC and William Campbell Douglas MD were the first.

While medical school and hospital practice was essential in understanding medicine, human physiology and biochemistry, the best education came from practicing, copious reading of conventional and alternative health science, peer coaching and attending medical conferences. My favorite workshops and training was through the American College of Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) which I attended yearly for two decades. It was there I met and learned from the greatest functional medical pioneers including Arthur Koch, DO, Abram Hoffer, MD, Julian Whitaker, MD, Jonathan Wright, Richard Kunin, MD, Linus Pauling, PhD, Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Alan Gaby MD, Bob Atkins, MD, Gary Gordon, MD, etc., and the many scientists researching and educating physician from their respective areas of expertise.

I was also an exhibitor at ACAM, the Natural Products Expo and many other conferences and expos with a line of therapeutic natural skin care products. The products were formulated within my practice at L5P, called Earth Solutions utilizing a little known product that came to be known as Cell Food.  Today Earth Solutions continues to operate as an aromatherapy brand offering novel products that help people manage health through a gentle approach that merges therapeutic grade plant extracts with affirmations.

In 2010, I  formed another company called Bioponica. Together with my partner, a waste water engineer, we pioneered the process of organic hydroponics that utilizes anaerobic bacterial fermentation of green discards and other biomasses to inexpensively create a perfectly balanced organic liquid fertilizer. The making of liquid fertilizer in such a low tech manner and the use of organic fertilizer in soilless growing (bioponics) is a process I believe to be the most sustainable method of agriculture possible.

William Walsh Approach Practitioner
Dr. David Epstein, D.O.
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In 2014, I  became acquainted with Dr William Walsh PhD following his presentation as keynote speaker at the Palm Springs American College of Advancement in Medicine conference. His research was not only compelling but also a great awakening to me and many other doctors in attendance when he explained his opinion that IV chelation therapy was not effective in removing chronic metal burdens from the body, due to a characteristic "half-life" that each metal has within the tissues. What is more important than using IV EDTA to chelate and safely remove metals is a daily regimen of oral anti-oxidant supplements, including those that cross the blood brain barrier. This is because of the fact that they will continuously be released, even if it appears they are coming out faster with IV therapy, the fact is it takes months and years for complete removal, with or without chelation. The more sound approach is to bind them as they do, in order to safely pass them prevent additional damage to the tissues. While chelation is beneficial and is most important with removing acute metal overload and for removing chronic metastatic calcium from the blood vessels and tissues, it is not ideal for heavy metal burdens that have been accumulating over the years due to mercury fillings plus lead tainted fish and other foods plus water and air pollution. Walsh had me convinced in just one presentation, though I attended his workshops and training conferences for the next four years.

Second Opinion Physician was conceived from a business plan that I put together in the year 2000. I had a vision of the future of telemedicine and an idea to create an online medical marketplace that featured practitioners, lab testing and consultations in all fields of care and with all levels of certification. In 2014, I dusted off this business plan and rewrote it to create a private telemedicine practice focused on the Walsh Approach to treating mood and behavior disorders, with possible future expansion towards that original goal. However, while I am a serial entrepreneur in the area of health and well-being, I am quite content that this simple approach to medicine, along with a Walsh oriented supplements business, is extraordinarily fulfilling. My patients have had great results utilizing the Walsh Protocol and given the current "mood" in this country that a biochemical approach to manage depression and other mood disorders is of critical importance

Biotype Nutrients is another related business that I formed to help patients source supplements according to their Walsh "Biotype." In 2020, I wish to launch a line of supplements blends that are pre-formulated per the Walsh Biotype protocols. This will lower costs to patients and minimize the total number of pills taken to manage biochemical imbalances.

As an expert of the Walsh Approach, I provide medical forensics in the evaluation of mood and behavior disorders of individuals charged or convicted of state and federal offenses. My services may include expert medical witness to defense and prosecuting attorneys in county, state and federal districts throughout the USA. Walsh did much of his research on convicted criminals and demonstrated, convincingly, that their problems were most often predictable, given the common biochemistry profiles they exhibited. He addressed this strictly with supplements that in many cases was able to turn their lives around and end their emotional anguish, and prevent further harm to society. Clearly this is the path that society needs to consider when addressing the prison industry and the opportunity for mental health rehabilitation.


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Hello Dr. Epstein

My daughter is doing soooooo much better with the 5 months of treatment you recommended. With new she is 100% her normal self. However, the final piece remaining is she has a lot of anxiety around other people and doesn't want to interact with anyone outside our family. 

I would like to retest and see what the data looks like now. What retesting do you recommend and what is the cost for each? I was thinking I would like to retest the methylation panel, copper, pyrroles and vitamins D.

Please let me know your thoughts when you get the chance. It will he 6 months beginning Aug 6th

Thank you soooooo much!!

Mrs. T


Dr. Epstein,

I can't thank you enough for saving my daughters life. She is back in Ballet, active in School and with friends; she wants to get involved with more than she can handle and wear herself out. I'm looking forward to getting an assessment done on myself very soon. 

R. C.

female gravatar

Dr. Epstein, Thank You so much!!! I have finally gotten to an optimal state of cognitive health. Your tailored supplements have given me a sense of wellbeing which I never had. I always suffered from ADD and for few years, took Adderall. The Adderall kept me dependent, and at best, masked the symptoms. Following your recommendation, I no longer need Adderall. My ADD symptoms are being addressed in a proper way. Read More


Patient of Dr Dave


Dr Dave is a talented compassionate integrative physician. He places his patients 1st and utilizes cutting edge therapies that help patients regain optimal health. I enjoyed working along side him and I highly endorse his clinical skills. Not only do I recommend that patients see him but I myself as an integrative physician would consult with him about my own healthcare needs. Read More

Gez Agolli NMD, PhD, DrPH

Managing Director at Progressive Medical Center – Maxmanc Inc

female gravatar

Dr. Epstein came to our community as a family practice physician in the late 80s. I noticed that he was an osteopath, with a respectful, holistic approach to treating the body. Our community was so grateful that he chose to be our doctor.  It was the birth of my son that made me question the medical model of treating symptoms in the body rather than supporting our bodies so they in turn are able to take care of us. Read More

Anita B.

Patient of Dr Dave

female gravatar

I wonder if it's possible for me to ask a follow up question about the treatment plan for my daughter? She's been following your recommendations and her anxiety has completely resolved.  However, I've had no luck getting her zinc up to the dosage that you recommend....


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