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Frank Shallenberger MD Ozone Therapy

Frank Shallenberger MD – Ozone Therapy Pioneer Dr Frank Shallenberger is an ozone therapy pioneer [...]

Prolozone Therapy for Joint Inflammation

Prolozone for joints and musculoskeletal inflammation Prolozone therapy is a medical treatment that involves injecting [...]

Ozone Therapy for Infections, Inflammation and Longevity

In this interview, Adam Fields DC discusses ozone therapy with Dr Josh Donaldson, a Naturopathic [...]

Mark Gordon MD Explains TBI Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression and PTSD

Neuroprotective hormone production impaired by hypothalamus damage and oxidative stress Mark Gordon MD has pioneered [...]

Ozone Therapy – How to Use Ozone at Home

Ozone at Home – Instructional Series Marcus Freudenmann shares what he has learned from his [...]

Benefits of Vitamin D Video Rhonda Patrick

“Our genes influence the way we absorb and metabolize micronutrients. Nutrigenomics looks at the influence [...]

How to Cure Alzheimer’s; Gundry MD Interviews Dr Dale Bredesen

How To Cure Alzheimer’s Summary of video. What you need to check; what you need [...]

Rhonda Patrick, PhD. Interviews Dale Bredesen MD Alzheimers

This video interviews Dale E. Bredesen, M.D., a neurology professor at the Easton Laboratories for [...]