Walsh Protocol Testing and Reporting for Doctors

Walsh trained physicians receive competitive priced lab testing and customized Biotype Reports.

Second Opinion Physician and David Epstein, D.O. offers professional service to doctors as an easy mechanism to order labs as well as consultations and reports for each patient.

Having practiced telemedicine and the Walsh Protocol for 5 years, we are proficient, secure and compliant.

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Professional Affiliate Services to Doctors Includes:

Blood Testing Walsh Panels and any lab test offered by Lab Corp may be ordered on this site. Doctors NPI number will be used in to allow access to view results on Lab Corp website.

Urine Testing - DHA kit will be ordered on your behalf at same price as if ordering direct.

Online History Taking - Doctors will be able to share a link with their patients to complete online questionnaire.

Medical Documents Release - forms completed online for patients when sharing data with Second Opinion Physician.

Lab and Questionnaire Review and Consultation - Dr David Epstein, D.O. will review the labs at your request and give feedback regarding treatment recommendations. Copies of all tests will be sent directly to the Doctor.

Customized Biotype Report with your clinic info. Upon patient-approved access to labs and online questionnaire data, Second Opinion may review the results and prepare a detailed overview of the biochemical findings, relevance and supplement recommendations.

Turnaround time for Lab Corp results is 3-4 business days.  Customized Biotype Report is available within 2 business days. Follow up phone discussion within 24 hrs.


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For more details, please submit your request and you will be provided a login code to access our Affiliate Doctor page.