Natural Depression Treatments | Testing and Reports for Physicians

Second Opinion Physician now offers testing and reports for physicians seeking natural depression treatments for their patients.

If you are a Walsh-Trained physician seeking to improve the efficiency of your practice, let us assist!

Many Walsh trained physicians would like to care for a wider population of persons with mood and behavior disorders.

This can be a challenge and overwhelming to a practice as proper diagnosis and care requires a careful review of symptoms, medications history, coordination of lab tests and a qualified analysis of the information.

Second Opinion Physician offers a simpole unique online approach to testing and reporting. Having been a telemedicine provider for the past 4 years, we have developed templates for the various Biotypes, including supplements dosages and recommendations according to our interpretation of the Dr Walsh approach.

Doctors who wish to offer an alternative treatment for depression for their patients may also use this service.

Doctors who are not trained in the Walsh Institute Approach, but who would like to offer a natural depression treatments to their patients are invited to work with Second Opinion Physician. We will consult with you regarding tests, assist with labs and provide reports that you may use to help develop your strategy for managing mood and behavior disorders naturally. Please get your copy of Dr Walsh's Nutrient Power book and see Dr Walsh's podcasts on this website for a better understanding of how to improve neurotransmitter imbalances with supplements.

Doctors who participate in this 'natural depression treatments' program may order the appropriate tests, and consult with Dr. David Epstein, D.O. to receive a customized "Biotype Assessment" for your patients. 

  • Order your lab tests or panels on this website.
    • Select a test or panel from the options
    • A requisition will be prepared and emailed to you or your patient with instructions
    • Urine test kit will be sent directly to your patient from DHA Labs
  • Provide us with Patient information and a Biotype specific questionnaire will be sent directly to the patient
    • Our questionnaire includes all relevant information necessary for completing a Biotype Report
    • A summary of the information provided by the patient will be entered into the Report, per this natural depression treatments protocol.
  • Receive a customized report specific to your patients biochemistry to address neurotransmitter imbalances per the "Walsh Approach"
    • Report is customized with your clinic name and emailed to your clinic for review (encrypted).
    • Includes contents of a questionnaire with medicines and supplements list and an classification of symptoms and predictive Biotype
    • Lab Corp blood test results, CPT codes, and professional summary of Biotype based on labs and history
    • Biotype Assessment along with detailed supplements plan based on patient labs, history, weight and current medications
  • Practitioners who are affiliates have option to receive referrals from SOP for patients within their state, to participate as the local 'primary' provider or in-state consultant.


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natural depression treatment program

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