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Copper Overload and Autism: Understanding the Role of Estrogen, Diet, Genetics, and Vaccines

Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication, [...]

Frank Shallenberger MD Ozone Therapy

Frank Shallenberger MD – Ozone Therapy Pioneer Dr Frank Shallenberger is an ozone therapy pioneer [...]

Prolozone Therapy for Joint Inflammation

Prolozone for joints and musculoskeletal inflammation Prolozone therapy is a medical treatment that involves injecting [...]

Ozone Therapy for Infections, Inflammation and Longevity

In this interview, Adam Fields DC discusses ozone therapy with Dr Josh Donaldson, a Naturopathic [...]

Raising Ceruloplasmin to Improve Copper Overload Symptoms

Copper Imbalance: Causes, Symptoms and Increasing Ceruloplasmin to Improve Free Copper What is Ceruloplasmin? Ceruloplasmin [...]

Copper Overload and Depression

Copper Overload and its Physical and Neurological Symptoms Copper overload, also known as copper toxicity [...]

Pyrrole Disorder – Cause, Consequences and Therapy

Understanding Pyrrole Disorder (also known as Pyroluria and Kryptopyrrole Disorder) Pyrrole disorder is caused by [...]

Depression and the Methylation Pathway

Methylation and Depression What is Methylation? Methylation is not one specific reaction that occurs in [...]

Treat Depression Naturally.

A Holistic Approach to Mental Health, Using Nutrient Therapy and the Walsh Protocol [...]

Methylated Folate for Depression – Not Necessarily

Understanding Folic Acid, Methylation, and Related Mood Disorder Symptoms: Insights from Dr. William Walsh. Contrary [...]