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Benefits of Vitamin D Video Rhonda Patrick

“Our genes influence the way we absorb and metabolize micronutrients. Nutrigenomics looks at the influence [...]

Lyme Disease; A biofilm condition caused by the spirochete Borellia

by Dr. Bill Rawls Last Updated 10/25/16 What is Biofilm? Biofilms are colonies of microbes. [...]

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

Dr. Ashton, DR, FRCP, is an Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psycho-pharmacology at the University of [...]

Bulletproof Interview with Bill Walsh PhD – Transcript

Follow Along with the Radio Interview Announcer: Bulletproof Radio, a state of high performance. Dave: [...]

Bulletproof Radio; Dave Asprey Interviews William Walsh PhD

It’s too late to get healthy once you are already pregnant 00:06:10 We can directly [...]

Foods and Supplements that Lower Plasma Histamine Levels

Foods and Antigens that Typically Raise Intestinal and Plasma Histamine Histamine rich foods: Foods that [...]

What Are Histamines?

Inflammatory markers that also tell us about serotonin, dopamine and methylation status There are two [...]

How to Cure Alzheimer’s; Gundry MD Interviews Dr Dale Bredesen

How To Cure Alzheimer’s Summary of video. What you need to check; what you need [...]

Rhonda Patrick, PhD. Interviews Dale Bredesen MD Alzheimers

This video interviews Dale E. Bredesen, M.D., a neurology professor at the Easton Laboratories for [...]

Mast Cell Activation Disorder – MCAD; Signs and Symptoms

Because of the widespread anomalies that exist in so many tissues, relating to mast cell, [...]