Silvia Menendez Cepero MD - Ozone Therapy in Cuba | Second Opinion Physician

Silvia Menendez Cepero MD – Ozone Therapy in Cuba

Silvia Menendez Cepero, MD - Cuban Physician

The practice of ozone therapy is popular in Cuba. Dr Cepero discusses the biochemistry and anti-oxidant science behind ozone therapy.

Dr Cepero introduced ozone therapy in Cuba in 1986. She is a consultant the field of ozone medical applications. Her accomplishments include 40 theses of medicine in the areas of biology, pharmacology, medical urgency, traditional and natural medicine, bioenergetic medicine and in dentistry urgency. Cepero is the author of more than 50 articles, published in peered review journal and holds two patents and two medicine registrations for oral and topical OLEOZON® and a new therapeutic indication (topic OLEOZON® for the treatment of impetigo). 

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