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Mark Gordon MD Explains TBI Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression and PTSD

Neuroprotective hormone production impaired by hypothalamus damage and oxidative stress Mark Gordon MD has pioneered [...]

Ozone Therapy – Inhaling Ozonide for Respiratory Infections

Dr Robert Rowan M.D. is one of the most experienced practitioners and researchers in the [...]

Resources for Families with Adults and Children with Autism

This email was sent to me recently. I am grateful to Don at Ability Labs [...]

Copper Toxicity – A Common Cause of Psychiatric Symptoms and How to Treat It with Zinc and Antioxidants

Copper Toxicity; Science, Symptoms, Therapy The Five Biotypes of Depression: Copper Overload William Walsh, PhD, [...]

Ozone Therapy for Detoxification and Enhanced Health

Ozone Therapy: A Controversial Yet Promising Treatment Despite its potential benefits, ozone therapy remains a [...]

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); Influence of glutathione and toxic overload.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Oxidative Stress in Autism: Implications for Treatment and Management Autism Spectrum Disorder [...]

Barriers to Success with the Walsh Approach

Before spending money on Walsh Panel testing, or a medical Consultation it is advisable to [...]

Alzheimer’s – Dale Bredesen MD; Cognoscopy Lab Test Panel

Understanding the Bredesen Protocol: A Holistic Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention and Reversal Receiving a [...]

Silvia Menendez Cepero MD – Ozone Therapy in Cuba

Silvia Menendez Cepero, MD – Cuban Physician The practice of ozone therapy is popular in [...]

Ozone Therapy – How to Use Ozone at Home

Ozone at Home – Instructional Series Marcus Freudenmann shares what he has learned from his [...]