A complete panel used to determine one's metabolic Biotype. For a report and plan, select option for Consultation.

Individual Biotypes Tests

Homocysteine, Plasma


Homocysteine is an inflammatory marker that plays an important role in the one-carbon methylation cycle.  


Panel for testing copper, ceruloplasmin and zinc. Useful for tracking progress while on anti-oxidant supplement protocol.

Individual Biotypes Tests

Histamine, Whole Blood


Walsh trained practitioners use whole blood histamine as a marker of methylation status


The Modified Panel contains all the initial Biotype test items, except for CBC and Metabolic Profile. Use this when these tests have already been recently performed.


A panel for retesting Copper Overload plus homocysteine and vitamin D levels. Ideal for 3 month follow up when all initial test scores were out of range.

Labs and Assessments

Physician Consultation


There are four options associated with this consultation service. Dr Dave will review and provide a detailed Report and Plan based on any panel, or else an update to a prior report, or simply a phone call to discuss.

Individual Biotypes Tests

Metabolic Panel


This is a common metabolic panel used more for general assessment of kidneys and liver, electrolyte. It is not required for a Walsh Biotype assessment but can be useful in detecting other underlying issues.

Individual Biotypes Tests

Urine Kryptopyrrole Test


Pyrroluria is an irreversible metabolic condition induced by stress, increasing the conversion of hemaglobin into pyrroles.

Individual Biotypes Tests

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy


Vitamin D status is positively associated with DNA methylation.

Individual Biotypes Tests



Ceruloplasmin is an protein globulin that binds copper and delivers it to the cells while neutralizing its ionic free radical form.


When histamine is not reliable as a marker of methylation, the Methylation Panel by Doctors Data is a good alternative test.

Individual Biotypes Tests

Zinc, Plasma


Zinc plays a central role in the treatment of mood and behavior disorders.

Individual Biotypes Tests

Copper, Serum


Serum copper is tested to determine whether or not one is suffering from copper overload.


Blood only test for individuals who have already completed pyrroles test.  For a report and plan, select option for Consultation.

Individual Biotypes Tests

CBC – Complete Blood Count


A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia.