Second Opinion Physician is a private telemedicine practice coordinating specific labs for patients and doctors who choose to utilize ‘The Walsh Protocol Testing’ to treat depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and other mood disorders including OCD, ADHD, undermethylation, bipolar disorder and autism.  

If you choose Second Opinion Physician to interpret your lab results, please note that our Walsh Protocol practitioner adheres closely teachings of the Walsh Institute in regards to labs, questionnaire, review and supplement recommendations for treating depression, naturally…


Biotype Lab Panels

Pyrrole Test for Depression


Biotype Lab Panels

Lab Panel – Modified Biotype


Biotype Lab Panels

Lab Panel – Standard Biotype


The following panels include the specific Walsh Protocol blood tests that are taught to doctors and practitioners in training seminars hosted by the William Walsh Research Institute. If you are working with your own physician or wish to consult with Second Opinion Physician, the initial test recommended to determine your "Biotype" is the Comprehensive Biotype Panel.  Follow up panels and other modified panels are useful as a follow up or when some prior labs have been completed. If you do not already have a practitioner trained to give you a proper assessment then we are pleased to provide this service; simply select the option within each panel for "Consult with Detailed Report." Second Opinion Physician collaborates with physicians in California and New York, plus other States where a local practitioner is required for lab ordering and consultations.