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David T.


“Dear Dr Dave, I’m healthy again–and it’s been a long, difficult haul over the last four years I have been sick both physically and emotionally. Thank you for your great doctoring. Before I contacted you, I suffered thru 4 misdiagnoses, including RA for which I was treated with highly toxic drugs for 2 years! I’m now taking 100mg zinc piccolinate daily, along with 150mg B6. Should I stay at these levels? Or taper down to a maintenance dose? How much would it cost to get updated blood tests? I’m healthy and happy, but basically broke since I haven’t been working for 4 years. But I’ll find the money somehow, if I have to. Again, I deeply appreciate the work you’ve done to help me get better… Warmest regards, David”

Richard D

Elevated Free Copper

“Dear Dr. Epstein, You might advise other folks to “keep the faith”because, at one point, early on, I didn’t feel any better and I got very discouraged. I’m glad I persevered. Then, about 3 months, it hit me. I felt a distinct reduction in base-line anxiety (a life-long problem from childhood). I waited 4 more days to make sure it stuck, before I told my wife, and we celebrated! The earlier problem of upset stomach and pain from the zinc gradually subsided, but it was touch-and-go for a while. The pain was intense. I reduced the dosage of zinc, and then gradually increased it back to 100mg over a couple of weeks.

PS You may be interested that, over the course of the Zinc/B6 protocol, I was able to reduce my Thyroid Meds (100mcg T4/30mcg T3. extended release) by half!! I expect there may be further reductions. I never had Hashimotos antibodies, although I was tested multiple times, which may indicate the Cu/Zn imbalance was the causative factor. I wonder how many other thousands of people with intractible Hypothyroidism have the same problem.”

Rosemary L

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“Hello Dr Epstein, This is me again….but with wonderful news. Just to refresh your memory, Alonzo, my 9 year old son had a terrible day at school 12 days ago which was extremely discouraging for me since at that time he was already in his 7th week of taking the supplements. I thought then that maybe nothing will work. The following week I had a meeting with the principal, and explained the therapy that Alonzo was following as well as all the dietary changes, behavioral therapies already done. I also asked if we can have a partnership helping Alonzo overcome issues. She agreed to explain the teacher and proposed to implement few changes such as allowing Alonzo to sit on a wiggle sit chair cushion (great for fidgeting control: https://www.amazon.com/Wiggle-Inflatable-Sensory-Chair-Cushion/dp/B00GNOF0EI).

Thankfully, even before that meeting, Alonzo’s behavior was really improving. It got even better…to the point that the teacher herself wanted to speak to me last Friday, (I should confess I was terrified thinking that more problems had happened). It was completely the opposite. She highly praised him for his participation in class, helpfulness, and attention improvement….I was shocked!!! I never received so many complements for my kid’s behavior!! nor even while on medication!!!! I doubt myself for a moment thinking it might be a dream or my wishful thoughts what I was hearing. I even hesitate to write this email to you thinking it might revert somehow magically the positive effect….But I know is real and I’m so thankful. I understand now that my child will never be a “quiet” kid, but these supplements will help him to be the best version of himself…and, just like anyone, he will have great and bad days. However, now he will have stronger tools to control his behavior and focus better since physiologically, he is getting what he needs.

Dr. David, I know that this improvement is part of a journey, and I don’t know in which state of that journey we are now (I hope for a full recovery). I deeply thank you for your wisdom, knowledge, and availability to help us in this path to restoration. I’ll keep you posted.

God Bless you”

Gez Agolli NMD, PhD, DrPH

Managing Director at Progressive Medical Center – Maxmanc Inc

Dr Dave is a talented compassionate integrative physician. He places his patients 1st and utilizes cutting edge therapies that help patients regain optimal health. I enjoyed working along side him and I highly endorse his clinical skills. Not only do I recommend that patients see him but I myself as an integrative physician would consult with him about my own healthcare needs . Dr Dave is definitely practicing tomorrows medicine today.


Patient of Dr Dave

Dr. Epstein, Thank You so much!!! I have finally gotten to an optimal state of cognitive health. Your tailored supplements have given me a sense of wellbeing which I never had. I always suffered from ADD and for few years, took Adderall. The Adderall kept me dependent, and at best, masked the symptoms. Following your recommendation, I no longer need Adderall. My ADD symptoms are being addressed in a proper way.

Anita B.

Patient of Dr Dave

Dr. Epstein came to our community as a family practice physician in the late 80s. I noticed that he was an osteopath, with a respectful, holistic approach to treating the body. Our community was so grateful that he chose to be our doctor. It was the birth of my son that made me question the medical model of treating symptoms in the body rather than supporting our bodies so they in turn are able to take care of us. Dr Dave was personable, intelligent and forward thinking.

Flash forward now, 25 years later. My son grew up to struggle with crushing depressions that happened in college which led to a very serious addiction that has been fought like a wild fire for the past 8 years. From the beginning, my son sought help…taking himself to rehabs, supportive living homes, 12 steps, psychiatrists, addiction specialist, nothing seemed to work for very long….Something would come along and snatch him from his periods of recovery, with his addiction taking hold dangerously stronger each time.

I thought to seek the help of Dr. Epstein, after seeing some of the research he was presenting on epigenetics and brain chemistry. My son was very happy to work with Dr. Dave thinking of him as his childhood doctor. He was not doing very well at all, and I did not think he would survive this relapse. If you could have seen him the day; I traveled 9 hours to assist him to get his blood work completed for Dr Dave. He was frail, fragile, frazzled and unable to get thru a day un-medicated, and in a very precarious state. He was unable to arrange to get to the lab for blood work….

It has been 5 months now. The supplement regime is intense and in the past two months, his improvement is astounding.

I wish every person that suffered with depression, anxiety, addiction could have access to such a model of care surrounding addiction. I am surprised that mainstream treatment centers do not include this in their treatment. I regret that we listened to and relied soley upon them and spend thousands of dollars.

I am pleased to share this story and report that today, my son is happy, engaged in life, and for the first time I am seeing him grow in leaps and bounds. I hope that my writing this will help other families who have a loved one who struggles. The brain is a miraculous and mysterious organ.

I’m so thankful there are those out there who are doing this work and am grateful for Dr. Dave who stands up in the face of the tragedy of modern medicine. Dr. Dave still believes in the body’s inherent ability to be well, without dependency on medications. It is a wonderful and heartfelt thing to know he is still our Dr. after all these years.


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