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Dr Robert Rowan M.D. is one of the most experienced practitioners and researchers in the area of ozone therapy. Having traveled to Africa to successfully treat doctors and health care workers infected with Ebola, he has a hands on experience with lethal viruses as well as the myriad of infectious organisms that pose a threat to humanity. In the first video below he discusses the potential effect ozone gas has on coronavirus, COVID19. Have there been sufficient studies on the effectiveness of ozone therapy for respiratory infections such as COVID19? A search of pubmed.gov may help researchers to evaluate this with double blind studies.

There are many ways to utilize ozone therapy. Physicians around the world use it via IV injection of the ozone gas into blood and then drip the blood into the patient's vein.   Other routes of ozone infusion of the body include ozonating water or with proper training, through inhalation (ozonide only) injection into joints, extremity bagging, rectal insufflation, vaginal insufflation and in dentistry, through injection into gums of patients with periodontal disease.

There are many designs of ozone generators available for a multitude of uses. Because it is controversial and potentially harmful, it is important to be be educated on the safe handling of ozone gas and be sure to seek medical advise prior to using ozone for any condition.

Safe use of ozone therapy for respiratory infections

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2 thoughts on “Ozone Therapy – Inhaling Ozonide for Respiratory Infections

  1. Jim Maxwell says:

    Why is ozone therapy not used by physicians for treatment of coronavirus?

    Or maybe it is. So why is it not mentioned by physicians interviewed on TV?

  2. Epstein says:

    Like most alternative therapies in the US, it is important to avoid making claims regarding the effectiveness of unproven remedies. Ozone therapy is one of those that while considered to be a therapy by many highly educated practitioners it is actually banned in some States. Yet research at pubmed.gov indicates it has had wide use and claims of benefit in countries such as Japan, Germany, India, Russia, Switzerland and Cuba…. That said, do the research and proceed with caution.

    More and more research is coming out regarding ozone for corona virus. A group in Texas that advocates for use of Ozone has been posting relevant articles on the subject: https://www.texasrighttoknow.com/

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