Biotype Panels are labs that your Walsh trained physician will typically order on an initial or follow up evaluation.

If you do not already have a practitioner who can assist with reading these results, you may choose to work with our SOP Doctor by selecting option for

1. Consultation and Report, or
2. Consultation and Report Update



A complete panel used to determine one's metabolic Biotype. For a report and plan, select option for Consultation.


Panel for testing copper, ceruloplasmin and zinc. Useful for tracking progress while on anti-oxidant supplement protocol.


The Modified Panel contains all the initial Biotype test items, except for CBC and Metabolic Profile. Use this when these tests have already been recently performed.


A panel for retesting Copper Overload plus homocysteine and vitamin D levels. Ideal for 3 month follow up when all initial test scores were out of range.


Blood only test for individuals who have already completed pyrroles test.  For a report and plan, select option for Consultation.


When histamine is not reliable as a marker of methylation, the Methylation Panel by Doctors Data is a good alternative test.