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medical marijuana resources

Recently searching for a strain of medical marijuana with a street name of ACDC, I came across the site . These guys are by far the most useful of medical marijuana resources.

Digging around the site I found mention of Rafael Mechoulam, the Israeli researcher who originally isolated THC.  If you’re looking for high CBD/THC ratios then ACDC is the strain for you. Mechoulam has studied this particular strain and found it highly effective for treating , , crohns disease, ADHD and insomnia. Some strains, namely Rafael’s have CBD percentage as high as 18.5%

Geekwire describes Leafly

And frankly, it’s not all that surprising considering the lack of superior competition and Leafly’s overall user experience. The site lets you easily explore over 500 strains that differ in their abilities to treat symptoms like anxiety and pain while providing effects like euphoria and creativity. People can filter out unwanted strains based on medical use and effect to the body on a neat interface that mimics a periodic table.

“It’s no diferent from Consumer Reports or Amazon when comparing the same product or similar products,” Kennedy said.

Each strain has an overall rating based on user reviews — there are over 50,000 of them — that people can read. Photos are also available with a clever “safe-for-work,” default option set up.

Essentially, Leafly is an information resource to help medical marijuana patients find the right strain. Kennedy said most people don’t realize that doctors will recommend medical marijuana treatment but don’t specify which strain.

“It’s like a doctor telling you that you have an infection and you should try taking an antibiotic without actually directing you to a specific one,” Kennedy explained. “Medical marijuana patients have a right to information about this medicine and that’s what we provide.”

You’re also able to find out which dispensaries are currently in stock with the specific strain, which is the other part of Leafly. There are 2,600 searchable dispensaries across the 17 states where it’s legal to buy medical marijuana. Users can enter in a city, state or zip and add filters like “credit card,” or “online menu.” There are over 10,000 dispensary reviews — in this aspect, it’s very similar to Yelp.




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