Second Opinion Physician Provides Biotype Testing, Assessments and Reports to other Practitioners

Are you a Walsh-trained physician but do not provide testing or reports to your patients?

Many Walsh-trained practitioners do not always offer in-house testing or else do not have the time to prepare a multi-page report for their patients. 

As an Affiliate of Second Opinion Physician, doctors may order the appropriate tests, here and chose the option to receive a customized "Biotype Assessment" for your patient. This will be provided as a consultation service to you.

  • Order your lab tests or panels on this website.
    • A requisition will be prepared and emailed to you or your patient with instructions
    • Urine test kit will be sent directly to your patient from DHA Labs
  • As an option, a Assessment will be prepared that explains the Biotype and recommended supplements
    • Report is customized with your clinic name and emailed to your clinic for review (encrypted).
    • Includes contents of a questionnaire that patient completes online (encrypted).
    • Provides Biotype determination, explanation and detailed supplements plan.
  • Practitioners who are affiliates will also be sent referrals from SOP for patients within their state, to participate as the local 'primary' provider or in-state consultant.


Interested to learn more about becoming a Second Opinion Physician Affiliate?

Register here with your contact info and you will be provided access to complete details of Services, Fees and Benefits to your practice and patients.