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International Lab Tests for Walsh Approach and Depression

The Walsh Approach for treating mood disorders is gaining in popularity due to the many doctors and psychiatrists successfully using the protocol and word of mouth by patients who are happy to tell their success stories.

The non-profit Walsh Research Institute has been instrumental in this effort thanks to their ongoing effort in advancing this important biochemical alternative to medications, via educational podcasts, publications and conference presentations.  Dr Walsh's book Nutrient Power is another resource for educating patients on the role of methylation, epigenetics, oxidative stress, zinc, copper, vitamin D and pyroluria as major influence on neurotransmitter function.

When evaluating patients with the Walsh Protocol there are a specific set of labs that are drawn for proper biochemical evaluation. For managing depression with nutrition it is important to have accurate results and proper blood fractions drawn. For instance whole blood histamine is very important. Not many labs offer this test, in the USA or outside of the USA. Zinc is another test that is subject to errors as the tubes used for plasma are often prepared with a zinc powder that may skew the results. Urinary pyrroles are another challenge. Since light exposure and warm temperatures quickly oxidize pyrroles, improper handling may lead to false negatives.

Second Opinion Physician has been testing and evaluating patients with the Walsh Approach regularly for the past 5 years. Our special relationship with Lab Corp assures the blood tests are reliable, reasonably priced and quickly resulted.

As a telemedicine and online lab ordering clinic, we service clients and practitioners around the US and internationally. 

  • Second Opinion Physician offers lab test orders for physicians and patients in Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico and other countries internationally.
  • Medical consultation evaluations of the results are provided based on the Walsh training workshops for this test and treatment "protocol."
  • International testing is available for patients and their doctors interested in receiving the full Walsh lab tests included in the Comprehensive Biotype Panel.
  • Regarding the cost, we use FedEx Express to ship cold-pack and specimen tubes to and from Europe, for example, at a rate of approximately $250.
  • Exact transportation costs are quoted with an address when included in your inquiry.
  • This service is available when ordering the labs at our regular rate of $499 plus consultation at $299.
  • Doctors and patients will need a lab or phlebotomist to draw the blood and spin accordingly.
  • With your request we will send specification sheet so that you can show to your doctor or blood drawing agent.
  • Once you are ready to proceed, please provide a shipping address so we may provide shipping cost prior to your checkout. 

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